Pulitzer thinks we are gutter rats with no respect for nothing, including each other. Is that who we are? Huh? We stab each other in the back, yeah, that’s who we are. Yeah, but if we stand together, we change the whole game. And it ain’t just about us. All across this city there are boys and girls who ought to be out playing or going to school, and instead they are slaving to support themselves and their folks. There ain’t no crime in being poor. Not a one of us complains if the work we do is hard. All we ask is a square deal. So, fellas, for the sake of all the kids in every sweatshop, factory, slaughterhouse in this town, I beg you, throw your papers down and join the strike.

Infinite List of Flawless People
↳ Ryan Breslin

Newsies Moments 1/?

Skittery and Bumlets sword fight

Infinite List of Flawless People
↳ Ben Fankhauser

[part 1]

anybody got any newsies related requests i could draw?

They think they're running this town
but this town would shut down without us

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